Building A Stone Path

Posted on January 28, 2015 at 10:36 am

Stone paths are a cheap alternative to designing a stylish walkway. Providing a practical route for the surroundings of your house, most homeowners prefer to have a stone path made at the front of the house.

When deciding the path area, remove any form of vegetation growing around the area. Use a type of herbicide prior to creating the stone path. When the vegetation is gone, it’s time to add leveling sand to the area.

When adding the stepping stones into the sand, make sure to keep them around 8 inches apart. Also when choosing a colour, bear in mind that dark stepping stones get extremely hot during the summer. Use a level on each stepping stone, making sure the level is parallel to the house.

After the stones are in place, lay a weed barrier on top. Then use garden shears to cut holes for each stone. You should add pebbles to weigh the barrier down as you work along. Weed barrier’s will keep your path stay tidy.

Now it’s time to fill with your pebble stones. Make sure the pebbles are complimentary to your stepping stones. After your pebbles are added, you need to install edging. The top of the edging, should be no higher than an inch above the pebbles.


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Awesome Commercial Awnings for Your Business

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 10:32 am

Commercial properties such as offices, stores, boutiques and whatnot need to be designed in a way that it would not only attract clients because of its remarkable presentation but also comfort. Establishing a professional aura that would drive customers closer simply equates to the best facilities and decorations put together to beautify the establishment with just the right amount. And when it comes to the facade and outdoors, one of the practically used materials are the commercial awnings. Because of the undoubted convenient uses of this invention, almost every establishment has its own version of usage. And if you are up in considering such for your business or personal use, then knowing a little bit more about it would be a wise decision.

What is it Made of?

Also known as overhang, awnings are often considered because of its basic purpose – to provide secondary covering often attached to exterior walls of a building or house. More often than not, overhangs are manufactured with the use of acrylic woven canvass, vinyls or cotton polyester yarn. They are stretched tightly over a light structure of iron, steep, wood as well as aluminum. Because of its composition, overhangs are not only used during summers but also during winter season. With its fundamental purpose of providing canopy without having to undergo the hassle of extending your building, commercial overhangs have become highly demanded not just business stores, offices but are also considered for home usage. (more…)

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