Gardening – An activity to improve the longevity of someone’s life

Posted on May 21, 2015 at 11:08 am

Gardening is an activity which brings satisfaction to nature as well as individual. There are nutritious benefits which help in maintaining a good health. The eco system also gets boost from the useful gasses it produces. It is the activity which is which can be done by people of any age and anywhere and any gender.


Gardening has been followed by many since ages. It has been proved to be the best method to improve nature’s beauty and maintain good healthy conditions of the environment. It also improves and has personal benefits.

Having a personalised garden with tress and plants which gives fruits and vegetable and many herbs is the major advantage. One can have fresh fruits and vegetable in the backyard. If medicinal plants are grown, it gives many benefits at the time of emergency.


· An act of regular exercise

· Improves natures beauty

· Increases the content of good gases in environment

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