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Sectioning off your garden with gates

Posted on February 7, 2022 at 10:42 pm

If you have a large garden area and would like to separate it into different areas, then why not look at adding in some fencing and gates. It may be that you have young children or animals that you do not want near a pond or that you want to have an allotment but need to ensure that they can’t get to it without you being there. If this is the case, then gates can be the perfect solution. Gates do not have to look too modern or stand out. They can be made of wrought iron or wooden to blend more into the surroundings.

Sectioning off your garden can actually make it seem bigger as you can have dedicated areas for different things. It may be that you want a play area for your children that is safe and secure. Building an enclosed fence and gated entrance can give them a place to play whist ensuring they are only in an area that they are supposed to be. To help any gates blend in even more you may want to entwin ivy round the gate posts or even round the poles of the gates to give it that secrete garden look.

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