A Wide Range of Turfs to Choose From for Your Garden

Posted on January 20, 2014 at 5:14 pm

Turf in one garden is unlikely to be the same in another. And if you’re wondering why your neighbour’s garden has a luscious green lawn, and yours is looking patchy at best, then it could be time to select a new turf and start a fresh.

Not many people understand the wide range of turfs that are available out there today. You can buy turf that’s suited for golf courses and bowling greens, and if they’re maintained your garden will present a soft, bright green and healthy lawn with a luxury feel.

Some people will fail to see the difference in grass, but if you look more carefully it can be easy to see the difference between a high quality turf and a below par lawn. There are so many grass species out there with different benefits, including Abersprite, Count and Limousine. Each offers its own benefits so make sure you understand what each grass species will bring to your luxurious lawn.

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Plan your 2014 Garden

Posted on January 3, 2014 at 1:40 pm

2014 is a fresh start; a time to make resolutions and creating a new garden could be one of your goals this year. There are lots of aspects to consider when you’re planning a 2014 garden; obviously checking out the latest trends can be important, however, the tone and the style of your garden can be just as important.

Your front entrance should be highly presentable, making a good first impression for your visitors, and perhaps generating an interest in your garden and your home. Simple additions such as hanging baskets and garden ornaments should be considered, and these are often the final touches to a garden, so it can be important to plan your 2014 garden first, then when you have an idea of your yard, you can add these items and select them to suit the design of the garden.

This year you may want to start your own patch and have a go at growing vegetables. This can be time consuming, so it may be beneficial to start out small with a small patch with vegetables that do not require a great deal of maintenance.

Lawns and patio seating areas can be designed and shaped to suit your needs, and your own desires, and because they tend to form the most part of a garden, make sure you research beforehand because they really can be shaped distinctively, perhaps following the latest trends.

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