Using the appropriate tools will make Gardening much easier

Posted on April 29, 2015 at 3:43 pm

Using proper tool makes gardening easier. Luckily, you only require a handful of low-cost tools to manage the most widespread lawn and carry out garden maintenance. Even all of these equipments make ideal housewarming endowment to offer — and receive. However walking into an expensive nursery or while looking to buy vegetable and gardening supplies often turn out to be an hectic endeavor and quite expensive as well. You only need a few good pieces of tools to have a promising vegetable garden. Surprisingly many of such tools you will find in your local gardening stores and even few automobile equipments can be used for gardening. But if you are still having penchant to buy tools and supplies, you can do that right away, but you need to be careful not to deal in low quality objects. High quality objects last for a long time. It is good to keep tools in right shape as using right tools can make gardening easier. Broken tools can damage your soil and make gardening time intensive a venture.

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3 Hedge Trimming Tips

Posted on April 21, 2015 at 11:08 am

It’s Spring time meaning it’s the season to trim your hedges, below are three tips we suggest you follow before you start using your hedge trimmer.

Clean your trimmer: A blade is much more efficient in its cutting, when it’s clean. When dirty, sap builds up acting like a glue substance on the blade.

Keep the blade sharp: An obvious tip, but over time the blade on your hedge trimmer may go blunt as time goes on. You can take your trimmer to a professional who can sharpen the blade for you. Do not attempt to do this without the correct safety equipment.

Stay safe: ALWAYS wear protective clothing and follow the safety instructions. A hedge trimmer can cause serious damage if used incorrectly.

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