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Replacing a Garden Fence after Winter Winds

Posted on September 25, 2018 at 10:04 pm

The time of year is approaching where your garden will be taking a bit of a beating from the weather. Winter is never a garden-friendly time, and indeed, during the winter this year, there is going to be a lot of bad weather. Some very high winds have already hit the UK, taking many people’s fences down with them.

When your fence is blown down, you might be wondering whose responsibility it is. You and your neighbours might well share a fence, and so you often won’t know whose property it is. If you cannot work it out, check the deeds with your solicitor.

Once you know it is your fence, next comes choosing new fencing panels. If you are replacing your fence during winter, choose robust panels so you don’t find yourself in the same situation. Choose panels from a well-known timber merchant to make sure they will live up to your expectations.

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