Adding curb appeal to your home

Posted on October 17, 2020 at 4:37 pm

Curb appeal is something that makes your home look attractive from a nearby place such as a road or curb. It is often referred to when it comes to putting a house on the market as having curb appeal makes it more likely to sell and possibly achieve a higher selling price.

There are a number of ways in which you can add curb appeal to your home, and these hacks do not have to cost the earth to implement. If you are considering selling your house, the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on it.

Add planters or a flower bed to the front of the property – adding plants to the front of your property will make it look welcoming and attractive. If you are not very good at maintaining a flower bed then you may be better to use planters which can easily be kept looking nice and plants replaced if they die.

Keep bushes neat and tidy – And hedges and bushes should be trimmed back to keep a nice shape and to look tidy. This is especially true if the bushes or hedges cover part of the windows on the house as prospective buyers will want to see the full view of the property.

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