Creating a cosy retreat in your garden

Posted on April 21, 2021 at 9:03 pm

With the weather still very up and down at the moment, it feels like summer is still not quite on its way. The flowers have started to bloom and we are having a few nice days here and there, yet the temperatures are struggling. Year on year the temperatures can be very different during the same month. Last year, April was lovely and warm and many or us took to our gardens to escape the loneliness of lockdown.

Now is the perfect time to get your garden ready to allow you to be able to enjoy it when summer finally does arrive. People often have very different opinions as to what they want in a garden. For some people, a garden needs to be filled with grass, trees and flowers but for others they would rather have a lovely decked area and plenty of comfy seating or a big area for the children to play in. Often this depends a lot on whether you enjoy gardening and how much time you have available to spend on your garden. If you are someone that enjoys to do gardening then you probably don’t mind having lots of plants to water, areas to weed and grass to mow. If don’t like gardening or simply do not have the time then you may prefer to have something that is much more low maintenance and doesn’t require a lot of time or skill to look after.

Creating a corner or an area in your garden where you can just go to relax and unwind is a must for everyone. It may be that you go all out and create a decked area with a lovely Rattan furniture set and a wood burner, or maybe you simply have a comfy chair to go and sit with a cup of tea and your favourite book. Sitting in a garden and listening to the birds can be really relaxing. Allowing yourself to get a bit of sunlight is good for your vitamin D levels and has been proven to improve your mood. So many of us work in busy offices, missing out on the sunlight, but this can really have a negative effect on our mental health.

Whether you want to go all out and give your garden the ultimate makeover, of whether you wan to just create a little quiet area for yourself, take the time this summer to make it happen.

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