Could your garden help to sell your property?

Posted on October 28, 2021 at 6:46 am

The appearance of the outside of any property has a big impact on its saleability and so it is important that the garden at the property is made as attractive as possible if you are considering selling.

A simple but key task is to mow any lawned areas and trim the edges as this immediately gives the impression of a tidy garden. Bare patches could be treated with grass seed if it is the right time of year for the seed to grow or new turf can be bought if the lawn is really bad although the cost of this will have to be taken into consideration.

Large shrubs and trees should ideally be pruned back so that they do not look overgrown and also to emphasise the space in the garden. Surprisingly, by trimming back shrubs at the edge of lawns it may be possible to get a couple of metres more lawn space.

Try to define different areas in the garden to make it more appealing for instance it is attractive to have a seating area with a barbeque or firepit in one area and an area for children to play in with a sandpit or climbing frame in a different part of the garden.

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