Garden maintenance made easy

Posted on November 18, 2021 at 9:11 am

Garden maintenance can become quite difficult for elderly homeowners especially if the garden is extensive. Employing a gardener is one way to solve this problem but for some the cost of doing this means that it is not a viable option. Are there any ways of making garden maintenance easier for those who find looking after a large garden challenging?

One of the regular tasks in a garden is mowing the lawn which can be strenuous work, but some people are now choosing to lay artificial grass which obviously does not need cutting. Good quality artificial grass looks very realistic and can be cut to size and laid quite simply providing a green space in the garden with none of the upkeep issues involved with a turf lawn.

Borders and flower beds that need regular weeding can be a headache to keep on top of so why not use pots and raised beds instead for flowering plants. Once planted up in spring they will need little attention throughout the summer months and can be planted with winter flowering plants in the autumn to provide colour throughout winter. Beds can be covered with weed matting and bark and planted with a few flowering shrubs that will need little attention.

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