A Glass Garden Room for Panoramic Outdoor Views

Posted on August 30, 2021 at 9:18 pm

Do you want to extend your home but without it becoming too expensive? Do you want a room like a conservatory but worry that this will look too old fashioned? A glass garden room is the answer: modern, stylish, bright, and offering all-round panoramic views of its surroundings, there are many benefits to be had here. It is not the most traditional type of extension, but it is certainly one that offers maximum benefits with none of the extortionate costs that can build up during this kind of project. If you have not seen a glass room extension before, it is a style that is made primarily of glass – no brick walls obscuring your view, and no old fashioned elements to detract from this. Instead, what you are getting is a room that is somewhere between the indoors and the outdoors, giving you the feeling of being outside in the garden but without having to put up with whatever the British weather throws at you! A garden room is a truly fascinating option, one that you will never tire of having attached to your home. It will open up new possibilities for your space and the way you live, without breaking your budget either.

One of the aspects that makes a glass garden room stand out is the views it can offer. They are truly panoramic in their outlook, with glass surrounding you from all angles. The structure of the glass room is almost frameless so while it might be compared to an orangery or a conservatory, it is far from this in reality. Instead, it is like being out of doors, while protected indoors as well. What more could you want when extending your home? Some people will have features like blinds and awnings installed to make their glass room feel more like the outdoors; others will choose to have all glass walls and ceilings to enjoy the feeling of being bathed in sunshine – or on the flipside, enjoying the drama of a storm, or watching the snow fall down, without being exposed to the elements. There is something for everyone when you pick a glass room to extend your home.

How is a Glass Garden Room Built to Maximise Outdoor Views?

Maximising views is one of the key things that makes a glass room different. No other kind of home extension can give you the same kind of outlook. To achieve this, a glass room is built on foundations in much the same way as a conservatory, but in terms of the walls, it is purely glass. There is very little in the way of a frame that would obscure your view, and if preferred, you can also have sliding glass doors and sides that open up to the outdoors. This is a unique way to bring the indoors and the outdoors together, giving a sense of freedom, bringing in fresh air, and making this one of the most flexible types of home extension you could ever choose to build. It is then entirely up to you how you choose to furnish it and decorate it. If you enjoy those all round views, you may not want to have blinds, and you may opt for a type of UV glass to make sure you are not bothered by glare. If you want your room to feel more cosy (perhaps in the evenings) and would like to make it more flexible, you may choose to install blinds. You can use the room however you wish, as it will be a fully functional part of your home, despite feeling like it is out of doors. Many people choose to use it as a dining area or breakfast room, where they can enjoy the views and the early rays of sun as they begin their day. A glass room can equally make a lovely sitting room, family room, or space to entertain guests. It may also become multi purpose for you, perhaps depending on the way you want to use it from day to day, or perhaps depending on the changing seasons and weather conditions.

A glass garden room has so much potential to make your home the way you want it. Choose to make it warm and cosy, with underfloor heating and mood lighting, or choose to make it a natural, beautiful suntrap, ideal for winter sun or for luxuriating in during the hot summer months. However you choose to use your garden glass room, you will certainly reap the rewards and enjoy beautiful panoramic views.

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