Adding colour to your garden with summer pots

Posted on May 18, 2022 at 3:24 pm

If you are wondering about which of the many plants that are available to grow in pots this summer why not think about the hardy perennial hosta which has a distinct advantage over annual bedding plants as they grow back year on year. They can be planted and left in the same container for many years, without the need to protect them from frosts coming back to life each spring ready to flower again in early summer.

Hostas come in a huge range of varieties with different coloured leaves and flowers. The variegated varieties are particularly stunning with the most common being the green and gold and the silver and green ones so even before they bloom they are a delight to see.

It is always a good idea to grow hostas in planters and pots as they can fall foul of the gardener’s arch enemy the snail. A band of sticky pest proof glue or a copper band placed around the top of the pot will prevent the snails being able to get to the plant and chew its leaves. Regular watering is ideal, but the pots can be positioned in a large shallow dish containing water which can be topped up when necessary.

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