Canopies and Awnings: An Overview

Posted on November 29, 2015 at 11:17 am

The main difference between an awning and a canopy is that, while an awning is attached permanently to the exterior of a building a canopy may be freestanding. Canopies are mostly used to provide shades to areas where people relax. These areas include patios and portions of a yard. Awnings on the other hand are mainly used to provide shade to other spaces such as windows and doorways.
It is important to note that these two types of shades may occasionally possess features that make them somewhat of a crossover. For example, an awning that is attached to a building and extends far away may be referred to as a canopy. Both awnings and canopies are normally made out of the similar materials. These materials include treated and untreated fabrics such as cotton and polyester, and metals such as aluminium, and some alloys.


Types of Canopies and Awnings
There are mainly two types of canopies and awnings:
1. Fixed canopies/awnings
2. Retractable canopies/awnings


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Planting Winter Flowering Bulbs

Posted on November 13, 2015 at 5:07 pm

One thing which you should have done by now in your efforts to maintain the beauty of your garden is planting a few winter flowering bulbs. These are essential for any top quality garden, as it will give your garden a splash of colour all year round, long after the perennial plants have receded.

Begonia Flowers are great examples of flowers that last long after the end of summer. Their flowers first appear in summertime, but are of the long-lasting variety of plants, and stretch into the end of November.

Crocus’s are another variety of plants which you can plant and enjoy the benefit of during Autumn to early winter. They aren’t fond of wet weather, so they are ideal for slightly sheltered areas, such as under an awning, tree or canopy.

Snowdrops are one of the most iconic winter flowers. These are known for being able to flower throughout the depths of winter, and are ideal for decorating flowerbeds for those periods when nothing else is flowering.

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