Cheap Wooden Garden Fences

Posted on November 19, 2020 at 10:43 pm

There are various styles of garden fences that you can get, primarily made of either metal or wood as the two most common materials. Most people have a clear preference based on aesthetics – if your preference is for a wooden garden fence, then you will probably want the looks without having to pay over the odds.

Is it worth it to buy a cheap wooden fence for your garden? If a fence is too cheap, it may be flimsy and poorly made. From a reputable supplier or manufacturer though, a cheaper wooden fence should still be well made. Look at reviews, assess the quality of the products and find out whether they are the right ones for you. Balancing cost with a practical design and an attractive appearance is very important and with a little research, you will come to your own conclusions regarding wooden garden fences and their cost.

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An Overview of Gladioli

Posted on May 2, 2019 at 10:34 pm

The gladiolus is is a part of the iris family, which might also be known as the sword lily. It is a tropical flower from hot climates, primarily Asia and Africa, so it will need some careful looking after if you want to grow gladioli successfully. You should also buy gladioli bulbs from good gardening sources and plant them at the right time of year if you are going to get the most out of them and give them the best chance of flowering happily and successfully for as long as possible in your garden.

If you are new to gardening, or you haven’t grown gladioli before, then there are some things you will need to know to give you the best chance of success with them. Here is a general overview of gladioli, and how to care for them:

What do gladioli look like?

The gladiolus is a distinctive flower, tall and spiked in shape. They can come in many different colours, from pinks and reds through to purples and yellows. You can get all varieties in the UK, including medium flowering gladioli, dwarf gladioli and a mixture of other kinds.

Planting your gladioli bulbs

You will need to plant gladioli when there is no danger of frost anymore, usually between March and June depending on how mild the weather has been and how warm the soil has become. The warmer the soil, the better ,as you don’t want your bulbs to be in danger of getting too cold and becoming damaged. This could mean that the shoots don’t begin to grow.

You should plant the bulbs around 4 inches deep into the soil and make sure the pointed part of the bulb is facing upwards. This means the plants can take root effectively. You should dig the holes a little deeper than this though, and fill them with some compost or manure first, to make sure the bulbs have all the nutrients they need when they start to grow.

Selecting the right position to plant your gladioli bulbs

As with any type of plant or flower, gladioli need the right conditions to grow. Remember that these flowers come from much warmer climates, so you need to give them plenty of sunlight and warmth if they are going to grow successfully. Place them in a sunny spot where they will be able to catch as much of the day’s sun as possible. Try not to have them in the shade of a wall or other plants.

If you are growing your gladioli for cut flowers, it’s usually best to plant them in rows. This makes it easy to reach all the flowers so that you can cut them easily without damaging the plants. If you are growing them as a perennial, plant them in small clusters. This is the best way of making the most of those spiky, unusual flowers. When you have planted the bulbs, keep the soil moist but don’t over-water it. Gladioli will like well-drained soil best.

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Cladding for a Shed

Posted on April 29, 2019 at 9:04 pm

Cladding can be used to make any outdoor area appear more rustic, or more modern – whichever the case may be. Cladding is generally applied to sheds and wooden outbuildings/garages to help them blend in with their surroundings and to give them some extra protection from the weather as well. If you have cladding on your home, you can match the cladding of your external buildings to that on your home so you can ensure you have continuity throughout.

There are various styles of cladding you can choose, including waney edge and feather edge. They are installed similarly – unless you opt for a tongue and groove option where the cladding will slot together to form a neater appearance on completion. The look you choose is entirely up to you, depending on what you prefer for your home. You can choose different types of timber, like oak, cedar, redwood, spruce and larch.

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The Different Types of Hörmann Door

Posted on February 18, 2019 at 5:52 pm

Hörmann doors are well known in the garage door industry. Coming in a range of styles to suit all kinds of customers, Hörmann garage doors are unique and stylish. Made by a German company, they have been sold across Europe for many years and are widely used by consumers. Their excellent reputation for quality has ensured that people still know about them, and still view Hörmann as being a modern, on trend, quality brand that has longevity and won’t go out of fashion.

Hörmann first introduced the Series 2000 range of doors in the UK market over 20 years ago – it was a range designed specifically for the UK market, and consisted of steel up and over doors. Since that time, the Hörmann range has grown exponentially to include doors of many types. There are now many kinds of up and over doors, sectional doors, roller doors, side hinged doors, front doors, bespoke doors, and a series of door openers that can be fitted to existing garage doors. This allows there to be something for everyone who is looking for a garage door for their home in the UK.

When you choose a Hörmann door, you know you are choosing a high-quality door that will last you for years and will keep on looking its best for many years to come. The benefits far outweigh the investment you will need to make when paying for the door. These are the different kinds of doors you can choose, and a little more information about them:

  • Sectional doors. Many people specifically choose Hörmann for their sectional doors, as they are high quality and have all the hallmarks of the Hörmann brand. You can choose various panel arrangements for a different appearance, and select from various colours.
  • Up and over doors. The original Hörmann door, the up and over style has many benefits for you. You can choose from materials like steel, fibreglass and timber, and you can choose a made to measure size for the perfect fit.
  • Roller doors. Featuring an aluminium shutter, your roller door will be strong and will achieve the perfect fit for excellent insulation. The smooth, slimline design will look modern and stylish on any building.
  • Side hinged doors. Perfect for garages that are used as more than a storage space, the side hinged door design will make your garage into an integral part of your home. They also offer you easy pedestrian access to the garage, opening up like an entrance door. You can have a side hinged and entrance door that match to bring the designs together.
  • Bespoke doors. If you want something unique, such as a different shape or a specific size, then you can choose a bespoke Hörmann door.

If you already have a door you want to upgrade, choose a Hörmann door opener. This can easily be fitted onto your door so that it can be opened electrically, improving your door and making it far easier for you to open. Make sure the opener is compatible with the garage door you have.

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How Secure are Garden Fences?

Posted on January 23, 2019 at 8:53 pm

Garden fences can be as secure as you like, with the option of various different kinds of fences that you can install. Fencing technology has come a long way, and fences no longer have to be rickety and wobbly; you can choose strong, sturdy fencing that will last you for many years to come.

The main thing is to choose the right kind of timber for your fencing needs. If you want something that is going to be sturdy and stable, choose a high quality hardwood timber, probably that doesn’t have any kind of fancy design; something like a simple featherboard fence is probably going to be more wind resistant. If you start installing taller fences that are more decorative, then this could mean your fencing is actually not as strong as it could be.

You should also make sure your fence is properly installed to give the best security. Install it following all instructions, or get the help of an installation expert.

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