Keep Your Gardens Beautiful With Lawn Turf

Posted on August 1, 2017 at 12:51 pm

A garden turns out to be more beautiful when it is spotless, inviting, and green. An ideal method for keeping it green is by adding a lawn turf to flavour it up. This post discusses the essential things that you have to think about it.

What is a lawn turf?

This is a term for the grass that is ideal for utilizing as a part of different scenes that are done on lawns. The typical assortments are the St. Augustine, centipede, and the zoysia grasses. These grasses are interesting with the decorative sorts that are for the most part taller, bigger, and more slanted to develop in groups. They are estimated due to their extravagant and perfect covers that relax the ground for private greenhouses, play areas, and games fields.  (more…)

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Buying Metal Garden Gates

Posted on May 31, 2017 at 1:46 pm

Garden gates and fences happen to be the first things of your house to be noticed by any guest or visitor. They are the ultimate factors that reveal the external appearance of any house. While speaking about gates, they come in different designs and types. In today’s world, gates have almost become an extremely popular decor that adds beauty to any home. But what matters is the quality.

Other than metal gates, there would be barely few types that excel in quality to some extent. Anyhow, since Metal Garden Gates are iron, none other types could overcome its special features. They offer not only a classic appearance but also a long lasting durability. This has made them the choice of many people throughout the ages. (more…)

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What You Should Know About Fence And Gate Installation

Posted on February 23, 2017 at 9:02 am

Privacy is essential to you as a homeowner. You need to optimise the security of your home all the time. This is the reason why most homeowners normally install alarm systems in their homes. Other, usually opt to install high-security locks in their homes. Did you know that you can actually optimise the security of your home by installing fences and gates? A fence can help in preventing burglars from accessing your home when you are away. You will realise that burglars normally have ill motives of stealing your property when you are away at work. However, you can mitigate this problem by installing a gate and a fence. (more…)

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Buying Wooden Gates and Gate Furniture

Posted on November 17, 2016 at 4:24 pm

Is it time to replace your garden gate? Are you confused between a plastic gate, wooden gate, and a wrought iron one? Well, a plastic or iron gate is obviously low on maintenance but do you want that cheap look or would you rather have a grand entrance to your lovely home? If your answer is yes to the latter, wooden doors are the way to go. They give you the best and the finest options you can get.

What sort of gate do you have in mind?
First impressions leave lasting impressions and a classic, traditional door will leave your guests wanting to visit you more often. There is a long list of options for you to choose from- you can go for a rustic one, a carved one, one with iron inserts, one with a stainless steel frame and so many others.

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Autumn Bulbs- 5 important Planting Tips You Should Know

Posted on August 3, 2016 at 4:14 pm

If you want to be greeted by a wide range of beautiful and exciting flower colours and fragrance next spring, then you need to start planting your bulbs in autumn. The cool weather makes working in the garden less tiring and much more enjoyable. Most people love autumn bulbs because they are readily available in all shapes and sizes and are very easy to plant. To increase your success of having cheerful blooms next spring, here are top five planting tips to get you started:

Prepare the Soil Well

One of the best things about these bulbs is that you can plant them anywhere provided that the soil well drained and rich in organic matter. So, once you have identified the area where you want to plant, dig the soil properly to make it loose and workable, as well as to remove rocks, weeds and other debris. Mix some organic matter like compost or peat moss with the soil to add nutrients and improve drainage. If you are using containers to plant the bulbs, ensure you add compost to the soil, and place plenty of crocks at the bottom to increase drainage.

Choose Quality Bulbs

Successful bulb planting in the garden or in containers starts with high quality bulbs. So, when buying bulbs, go for those ones that are firm and plump and if possible, avoid mushy and soft ones. In addition, choose bigger bulbs, because they usually bloom much better than smaller bulbs of the same variety.

Plant the Right Way

Try to plant your autumn bulbs immediately after buying them for best results. However, if it is hot outside, it is better to wait until the soil is cool before planting. While doing so, make sure they are stored in a cool, dry and dark place.

Note that every bulb comes with the recommended planting depth, so loosen the soil accordingly depending on the type of bulbs you are planting. As a general rule, the planting hole should be at least twice the height of the bulbs.

In addition, make sure you set the bulbs in the holes with the roots facing down and the pointy sides facing up. However, it is not always easy to identify the pointy end of some bulbs. In such cases, search for the side where the roots are coming from – that end goes down.

Once you have planted the bulbs, fill every hole with soil and compress lightly. Water them to help stimulate root growth and help them become established faster. Continue watering as is necessary, especially if you live in a place with low precipitation during the winter months.

Stop Weeds Growth

To prevent weed growth, ensure you spread a few layers of mulch over the soil where you’ve planted the bulbs. Animals like squirrels like digging up bulbs that are freshly planted, so mulching also comes in handy to hide the bulb holes. To further protect your investment, you may want to consider putting a protective wire mesh on top of the soil to prevent the animals from digging out the bulbs. Once they sprout from the ground, you can remove the mesh.

Plant in Groups

To create a grand and unique visual statement, consider planting the bulbs in big groups and irregular patterns, rather than in straight rows. It will surely make your garden look very beautiful and the envy of neighbours.

With simple these tips, planting your autumn bulbs should be easier and much more enjoyable.

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